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Conquer Care

  /  Conquer Care

We offer :

Consulting : We understand the existing IT infrastructure and provide a report.

Device offerings : We suggest you the appropriate solution with regards to respective Apple H/W and software as per the business needs.

Multiple location delivery : We offer all india delivery options.

Initial setup of the device : We also help you unbox the devices and perform initial updates and integration to multiple management systems.

Post sales support : You can avail repair and training for Apple Devices on phone and onsite.

Just not selling devices,
we take care of your devices

Conquer Care package comes with Logistics,
Networking, Security, Deployment and Care.


Dropship, Virtual/Physical Warehouse


Fibre Channel Network
Network Storage
Remote Workflow
VC Setup


Single sign on,
VPN, Firewall


Deployment Integration


Support & Training