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Zulu desk

ZuluDesk is a powerful and affordable MDM for the modern, digital classroom.
The system was originally developed in 2014 in a school in the Netherlands. Now educational institutions in more than 50 countries rely on ZuluDesk.
The system allows easy management of all Apple devices. It provides simple tools for IT departments, teachers and parents.
In conjunction with Apple‘s new iOS 12, ZuluDesk is the best MDM choice for educational purposes. The inventory, deployment and security of every Mac, iPad, Apple TV and iPhone in any school is easily managed, and the system integrates with existing IT solutions with an ease never before possible.

For IT Admin: A scalable and intuitive solution
The growing number of mobile devices in schools requires scalable and intuitive IT admin solutions.
ZuluDesk offers a powerful management system that allows you to manage an unlimited number of devices. Whether a single school or a school network, ZuluDesk is the perfect solution.

For Teachers: ZuluDesk Revolutionizes Teaching
The ZuluDesk app is also designed to meet the needs of school teachers. The app makes it possible to quickly and easily control and manage Apple devices.
ZuluDesk complements Apple‘s own Classroom app—so the advantages of both sys- tems can be conveniently used together.

For Parents: Be active and aware
ZuluDesk is used by teachers in schools worldwide to control Apple devices. Better learning through fewer distractions. We thought this might be useful for parents too.
With ZuluDesk Parent, parents can participate in their children‘s school life and easily control their children‘s devices.
The use of the Parent functions (app or web-based) gives parents tools to bring focus to homework for a set period of time