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Upgrade the value with simple and accessible tailor-made IT infrastructure solutions that help businesses establish a better audience connect.

Reimagine your Film and Media business to meet unique audience demands by creating personalised content and designing superlative experiences. By providing a range of film editing solutions, Conquer ensures that customers enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience by recommending the appropriate solution incorporating elements from areas such as AI, system integration, cybersecurity and design concepts. We guarantee that our solutions are designed to analyse each step in the customer engagement process thus leading to our clients to achieve the highest in service excellence.
We pride ourselves in offering the best in class training on editing software like Final Cut Pro that ensures our clients never fail to deliver what is expected of them.

Offer unique audience experiences

Conquer is the trusted partner of many major companies in the Film and Media industry. We take pride in integrating innovative technologies and incomparable assessment capabilities in their businesses. Our end to end consulting, deployment, management and buyback services cement our organisation’s place in the market as a customer favourite.

Case Study: Film & Media - ETV

Client: E Tv
Date Published: 27 April

Conquer Technologies has been at the forefront in enabling major media houses and innumerable photo and videographers to produce top quality productions for the industry and home.

Our implementation of iPads have created a trend in showcasing the work samples. Usage of tools like the Final Cut Pro with Macs made editing far easier and highly productive.


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