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In the 21st Century the behavior of modern age shoppers are changing by the day with rapid speed. It is vital to cope with these changes and provide customer experience is vital. Retailers have to be on their toes to serve the customers and generate business. Empower store associates to assist shoppers better with digital catalogues, and create an end-to-end shopping experience and build relationships with personalized emails to celebrate a birthday.

Studies show that the brick & mortar stores are witnessing 80% of increased sales when using mobile devices, it’s time to take a serious look at your setup – both on the shop floor and behind the scenes. Our ePOS and mobility solutions can help you increase customer engagement, spend and loyalty, manage the recent changes in the customer journey, and reduce till times and dropped baskets.

Conquer has tied up with various retail ISVs to provide a customized solution based on your business needs and engage with you in your business journey.