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Media & Broadcasting

Tools like the Final Cut Pro makes editing easy and highly productive. Solutions available on Desktop, or using the laptop, the Mac makes it an integral part of this industry at an affordable price.
Conquer Technologies has been at the forefront in enabling major film production houses like the Ramoji Film City, Annapurna Studios, Vijayeesam etc., and innumerable photo and videographers to produce top quality productions for the industry and home. Showcasing their work samples on iPad is the trend. Training is provided to aspiring students on Final Cut Pro.

Design & Print

The Mac is well known and proven for its prowess in the graphics arena, with a myriad of tools and best in class colours available to make your projects stand out. Cutting edge applications from Adobe, and innovations such as PDF Workflow, help users create more complex designs and make their work flow easier. Software suites such as Adobe Creative Suite make cross-application integration tighter and allow users to do what they do best. Create.