Our Commitment and Motto

"Staying one step ahead of the future” is our company’s philosophy. Every call is important to us and no query is too small. With this in mind, we provide the very best in short and long term solutions to clients. Our tailor-made IT support solutions have set our clients on the path to achieving long term goals successfully.

Our pillars of success depend on these key assets:
• Competent and certified training from Apple
• Precisely defined escalation matrix
• Staying sharp and ahead of Apple and customer’s demands
• Continuous knowledge transfer

We take pride in helping clients find the right organisational structure at every stage, ensuring superior services in every way.

Our offerings as per Apple standards

Certified Personnel

We have an experienced supervisor whose function is to ensure compliance with Apple’s quality standards and to ensure the best possible service for customers. We employ sufficient certified technical personnel to be able to effectively service the volume of repairs.

Internet Access

All our locations have reliable internet access with sufficient bandwidth to enable all our service personnel to quickly access Apple’s online tools and services.

Testing Environment

All our workshops have sufficient means to reproduce symptoms reported by customers; Bluetooth devices, Wifi and Ethernet network connections, analogue line for modem testing, Firewire and USB drives, and other devices.


We have a control system or repair database in place for service activities which makes it possible to retrieve information, keep track of all repairs in the workshop and prepare detailed reports at Apple’s request.

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