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IT Infrastructure solutions for Government Organisations

Government organisations such as Police, RTA, IT, Panchayat Raj departments etc. can now easily accelerate their journey in a complex and dynamic world by partnering with Conquer. We offer a range of immersive IT Infrastructure solutions including technical support, user level training, deployment, app development giving our clients the power to unearth perceptions and intensify their operational performance.

Conquer helps clients to see the enormous benefits in replacing obsolete systems, one at a time. We empower clients with innovative platforms powered by the newest technologies backed by a team of experts who are committed to maintaining SLAs.

With an in depth knowledge of Government operations and an understanding of the diverse needs of multiple departments within the Government, Conquer help in boosting performance with our streamlined applications that are capable of handling challenges and provide scalable solutions. 

With a view to reducing operational and maintenance costs along with promoting analytical decision making, Conquer provides affordable IT Infrastructure solutions which were proved to be successful in the Telangana Police Department, Andhra Pradesh Transport Authority, Indian Railways and the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. 

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Future of Governance

Increase in the digital accessibility, adaptability and with the millions of subscription base, governments are promoting and using the mobile devices in delivery the e-Governance services. In the last few years, governments have seen mobile devices can empower citizens and affect the way citizens interact with each other and with society at large. These devices are also considered to be an effective tool in strengthening democracy through better citizen-government interaction, thus influencing the political decision making process and making governments accountable for their activities.

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