Segment wise solutions


Solutions to us, is not just a loosely termed word of solving a problem. It starts with understanding the need of the customer, the gap between the product and the intended use of the product, and coming out with a very effective method that seamlessly bridges the gap.

Segment wise solutions


With the world moving towards mobility, and demand for information to be at fingertips, the iPhone or the iPad fit the bill, perfectly. Enterprises moving towards BYOD have a task of managing devices such that corporate data remains secure while the employee continues enjoying using his device.

Conquer Technologies does not just sell the iPhones and iPads, but offers a solution for managing the devices. A suggestion to put in a Server that occupies the space of a desktop telephone, with Configurator, and Profile Manager. Training is also offered to the Enterprise personnel to configure and manage the device. Usage of device for highest productivity in their day to day work, solutions to present their works on the large screen, etc.

Conquer Technologies also enables engagement with 3rd party MDM solution providers for a more robust management.

tspoliceA fine example would be the Telangana Police. Deployment of 1000 iPads, with nearly 90% operating in Rural areas, where challenges of connectivity are high and remote management is of high priority. A low cost solution using a MacMini with the Server OS and Profile Manager did the job. Training conducted for all the officers using the iPads, and Management of devices to the IT department.

Special schemes like Employee Purchase Program for employees of organisations to purchase at attractive and easy to pay EMIs, Corporate Leasing Programs to enable enterprise to use latest products on lease and retain the products at the end of the lease period or refresh with new products as and when introduced so they stay in step.


Conquer Technologies has taken strides in making education more fun with deployment at Silver Oaks, International School of Hyderabad, Oakridge International School, to name a few.

Conducting workshops of Apple Professional Development for Teachers on how an iPad is used for teaching as well as learning. This is done by a Professional who is already a Teacher at an International school and using the iPad for teaching. It is a full day hands-on workshop using Apps. This paves the way for the school to easily introduce iPad as a learning tool to the students on a 1:1 ratio.

Conquer Technologies also engages educational institutions closely with Apple to enable institutions build their own course material and publish the same on iTunes or for their own students to access the course material. Creating interactive books on a Mac is now child's play.

Engaging higher educational institutions to introduce App development as a curriculum and enrolling the institutions into iDUP program. Training to the trainer to continue imparting the curriculum to the students are also Conquer’s forays.

It is not just the iPads here, but even Mac based laptops being used for education.

Special pricing to educational institutions, offering special rebates to students as per norms and discounts to the faculty.


final-cutproTools like the Final Cut Pro makes editing far easier and highly productive. Solutions available on Desktop, or using the laptop, the Mac makes it an integral part of this industry at an affordable price.

Conquer Technologies has been at the forefront in enabling major film production houses like the Ramoji Film City, Annapurna Studios, etc., and innumerable photo and videographers to produce top quality productions for the industry and home.

Showcasing their work samples on iPad is the trend. Training is provided to aspiring students on Final Cut Pro.


One can learn to produce music on the iPad with the GarageBand feature. That's what kids currently do. What with many instruments at your disposal, you can become a master of many.

Produce great tracks on the Mac with the software from Digidesign's Pro Tools or the Apple Logic. With a variety of input and output devices, the Mac is the most definitive audio production tool.

printingDESIGN & PRINT

The Mac is well known and proven for its prowess in the graphics arena, with a myriad of tools and best in class colours available to make your projects stand out. Cutting edge applications from Adobe, and innovations such as PDF Workflow, help users create more complex designs and make their work flow easier. Software suites such as Adobe Creative Suite make cross-application integration tighter and allow users to do what they do best. Create.


Conquer Technologies offers solutions right from Mac, Scanner, Printer, Server, Storage and Network.