Report a Problem


Report a Problem is more than just a statement of intent. Behind it is a transparent escalation matrix. What it means is, accountability with a promise of attending to the customer in a given period of time. And you would notice that even the owners of the business are a part of the matrix. So rest assured we will make service work for you. It is and will always be a Conquer promise.

If you have a problem, request you to call us and ask for support
+91 40 6683 4545 (4 lines)
+91 99510 22444 (or)

Now if that doesn’t get sorted out and you are in a hurry then no worries. Here are the people who can move it for you:

Any issue which remains unsolved can be escalated to our customers relations ie

Still not solved can be escalated to the respective Branch Head.

Still not solved can be escalated to

Still not resolved you can directly contact