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Our Philosophy

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Every call is important. No query is small or big. To come back only after the solution is found an the issue resolved is the journey To do this successfully we rely on these assets:

  • Competent and certified training from Apple.
  • Staying sharp and in step with Apple and customer’s demands by weekly service review meetings
  • Knowledge transfer and string between Conquer Employees on an online internal portal
  • A well-orchestrated escalation matrix with roles and designations clearly defined for a clarity on whom the customer needs to get in touch with in the service process.
  • Passion of the individual.

We work to exacting Apple norms

Dedicated Personnel

We have an experienced supervisor whose function is to ensure compliance with Apple’s quality standards and to ensure the best possible service for customers. This supervisor will be Apple’s main contact with the Service Provider.

Internet Access

All our locations have reliable internet access with sufficient bandwidth to enable all our service personnel to quickly access Apple’s online tools and services

Testing Environment

All our workshops have sufficient means to reproduce symptoms reported by customers; bluetooth devices, Wifi and Ethernet network connections, analog line for modem testing, Firewire and USB drives, and other devices.


We have a control system or repair database in place for service activities which makes it possible to retrieve information, keep track of all repairs in the workshop and prepare detailed reports at Apple’s request.

Certified Personnel

We employ sufficient certified technical personnel to be able to effectively service the volume of repairs, and at least one certified technician per thirty repairs conducted per week.