Ohum Healthcare is a leader in Clinical Transformation solutions. Together we implement and support Information Systems that transform healthcare services delivery in Hospitals, healthcare facilities, and Public Health Communities including State and Central Government Hospitals.

Ohum Healthcare is the creator of OhumSky, world’s best cloud based integrated enterprise hospital management system to help you control your hospital costs and improve care. OhumSky is a complete end-to-end solution for hospitals that includes Financial Management, Administrative Management and Clinical Management.It also includes OhumBI, a sophisticated clinical and business analytics application that transforms all hospitals and care management programs to deliver world class performance.

We provide high-quality, end-to-end, innovative, and cutting-edge solutions for the growing needs of healthcare service providers.

Our solution can help improve their hospital safety standards and clinical outcomes, reduce operating costs while enabling research and enhancing patient experience.


World’s best end-to-end fully integrated cloud-based enterprise Hospital Management and Clinical System

ohumSky is an end-to-end integrated healthcare IT platform that helps control your hospital costs and improve patient care. It is the most affordable and flexible cloud based solution that completely integrates and automates Digital Medical Records (EMR), ERP (HIS, Inventory, Assets and Accounting) and Imaging interface (PACS & IMS), HR & Payroll, and Finance.
It everages the most modern and secure web-based technology to improve adoption of healthcare IT applications for successful transformation of manual or semi automated systems into full fledged Digital Healthcare Information Management (DHIM) platform providing an end-to-end seamless solution.

ohumSky is scalable to suit the needs of large enterprise and network hospitals, super specialty hospitals as well as multi-specialty, multi-location hospital chains.



ohumPAS is an integrated Hospital Information System that facilitates process optimisation by automating registration, diagnostic and medication management, inventory management and billing services.

It also allows creation of user-friendly dashboards for effective decision-making in healthcare delivery settings.

ohumPAS is a fully functional comprehensive system for Nursing Homes, Clinics and Polyclinics comprising of Electronic Health Records (EHR), billing and healthcare data dashboards and reports. It enables healthcare facilities to improve patient care, maintain compliance, optimize billings and manage multiple administrative services with ONE solution.


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