I have witnessed many occasions in which Conquer’s leaders have gone out of their way to care for the personal welfare of individual employees. The loyalty and dedication of my co-workers inspires and encourages me. I am driven to provide work and leadership deserving of their efforts.

Subramanya Kumar - Retail Head - Service

Conquer’s mission allows me to keep my eyes on the big picture. Everything I do day to day at work is part of the greater framework of Customer satisfaction. I can see how my work has a direct effect on the effectiveness of our mission. That's what makes me most proud.

Sai Ramraju - Support Head

The aspect of working for Conquer that I like best is the sense of accomplishment and pride that I get. It is one thing to win a Customer over to Apple, but to know how Apple’s devices interact with not only a larger system but also a whole network and infrastructure of people and systems is awe-inspiring and gives me a great sense of pride.

Nehru - Sales Head

This is the best company I have seen yet…the people here are easy and highly professional to work with and the company truly cares about each of us, more than any company I have ever been affiliated with.. I hold everyone at Conquer in the highest regard.

Dinesh Nath - Strategic Sales Head

Conquer has a long standing reputation for being a good company to work for because of its people - Working for Conquer has exceeded my expectations.

Seshu - Service Manager

With the scale and quality of our cutting-edge resources, we aim to assist our users and customers in accomplishing more quickly and efficiently the tasks facing them. At Conquer, I have learnt to focus upon core values, which are intended to permit sustainable growth. This is the reason for our market leadership, which we aim to consolidate. In addition, we see our role as that of driving innovation at workplace.

Shiva - Business Development Head

Our services are geared closely and fundamentally towards fulfilling the needs of our customers and users. Communication and customer relations are underpinned by openness and honesty.

Somayajulu - Business Development Head

Conquer offers us a secure workplace which promotes individual creativity and is based upon mutual esteem and respect.

Ramarao - Business Development Head