essence-imgConquer and quality service are inseparables. Service is our oxygen. We thrive on it and build lasting relationships rooted in on our ability to be responsive. Problem solving is our standard operating principle.

Consistent servicing has been our forte.

Our leadership in fact was born into service over 20 years ago. When we began as a compact team way back in 1995 or today our ethos has not changed. Service as seen by many customers- of different sizes and diverse industries is identifiable as a unique Conquer attribute. Something of an off record standard.

We call that our essence. A key element and focus to stay relevant to our our customers both for their existing and emerging needs. Customers of varying sizes have found solutions from Conquer to be innovative. We have over the years demonstrated our ability in thinking , ideation and delivery. To follow through a technology or a productivity idea upto consistent servicing has been our forte.

How did we make this happen? By resolving and committing ourselves to being a solutions provider with an overt promise that we will drive the solutions by virtue of the knowledge of the technology and empathy with customer’s needs and situations. This approach has helped us sign up Fortune 500 companies, mid size companies and individuals. Common to all of them is the Conquer way of ‘solutions+service’. With an aspiration to be of global standards. This spirit meant that we remain updated, alert and compete with the world’s best. Five Premium Service Providers Award came our way over the last 6 years. Today we stand as one of the best in South East Asia.