Essence at work


Conquer for Google

Google does not need to search around for service or support or responsiveness. Conquer is there. For Google our process encompasses server setups and running all the vital diagnostics for the users and an MRI scan to isolate the issues. A visit to their office every alternate day is a commitment.This means we become part of their tech stop and interact with Googlers on a variety of issues - hardware and software included. The central idea being enabling work to be carried out without any interruptions. Quick solutions, hardware replacements when needed and warranty registrations are all done onsite and in a seamless manner. From Conquer Googlers get special privileges such as liquid spill and broken systems replacements too.


Conquer for Facebook

Facebook has always found Conquer to be extremely professional and sociable! Server set sups, Mac with IOS support quarterly Mac Clinics are standard operating procedure for Conquer while servicing Facebook. MRI scans and smart data maintenance are also our responsibilities which we provide with regularity and with a view to reaching out for swift solutions.


Conquer for ThoughtWorks

ThoughtWorks is a milestone for us at Conquer. In fact Conquer at ThoughWorks is in a different avatar. A totally different kind of support is what we give them. The complete tech support has been outsourced to us. We look after ThoughWorks hardware an related softwares in an end to end manner. Interacting with the users, Conquer is a partner in the daily tech journey. Updating information on their internal software, allotment of systems, handing overall hardware dependencies including their VC room setups and OAM (open accessories box). Conquer services ThoughtWorks in Chennai, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Pune and Hyderabad.

Conquer for ZOHO

To ZOHO’s pioneering attitude, Conquer has added agility as a mandatory feature. We provide a dedicated MAC / iPhone support for the users. In fact we have stationed a resident engineer for a whole week to provide ZOHO an added layer of support and responsiveness. A separate service desk is also there for ZOHO. While doing all this our reporting processes are diligent and communicative. We generate a monthly report t on the ervices rendered. Including the health check, number of cases attended along with necessary details. And whenever there has been a high call volume Conquer also commits an additional resource to be deployed onsite


Conquer for Novartis

For Novartis, Conquer seems to be an able partner and perhaps their best service prescription! We provide a dedicated iPhone support for the users. Every alternate day is also a ‘Conquer Day’ - our certified engineer is there to support the users. We take care of all the needs wit regard to the iPhone - installing their in-house applications and configuring the iPhone to their needs and taking the responsibility of monitoring them.


Conquer for Oracle

Oracle has found in Conquer a service provider who sticks to the SLAs time after time. Mac and iPhone support work at an elevated level of efficiency and transparency. A 24 hour turnaround is mandatory for us at Oracle.


Conquer for Servicenow

While ServiceNow continues to improve the pace and smoothness of work life across the world, Conquer stands by the, with a dedicated support system and structure. We provide weekly support and whenever needed daily support. The process is seemingly simple: all system issues are listed and allotted to the Conquer engineer once a week,. Our Engineer stations himself for the whole day at ServiceNow and resolves problems on the spot. Plus render direct support to users who walks in with their problems too.


Conquer for Ca

CA is a global benchmark. Demanding and forever needing machine uptime so that employee productivity is maintained and increased. For them we follow a methodology of proactive support and well organised quarterly serve camps at various CA locations. Here Conquer conducts a health check of the systems, isolates issues, interacts with users to augment the hard support delivery. All of these are also back day a robust reporting system with EOD reports as a mandatory deliverable from our end