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We are there to build enduring, long term relationships with our engineers. We are seeking individuals who will stay with us through their career or until they believe that they have become a sub set of the Conquer ‘service-solution’ philosophy.

Beyond careers lies a purpose. We think that most people work for a few highly important reasons and we work towards helping our employee realise them.

We think most people work to:

  1. Support family
  2. Explore our capability and potential
  3. Stamp the company with an individual signature of efficiency, knowledge and dexterity

We work with Apple. One of the world’s most valued companies and seen as a game changer in most parts of the world.We have established a reputation of delivering differentiated service and well thought solutions. Therefore the kind of respect and credibility we command in the marketplace is a benchmark for potential employees to live up to and actually further the journey of Conquer in a way that helps people change their lives both at work and home with the intervention of human-friendly technology.