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Awards and Recognitions

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Awards and Recognitions reflect our credentials. They point Conquer- seekers to discover diverse facets about us. Some are about globally benchmarked standards in service and responsiveness. Others award us for our ability to work as a team that can bring about enviable sales or service delight. From 1999 till date we have had our Award portfolio getting a yes. It makes us proud and pushes us to better ourselves. It tells us that the best way to do a stand out job is to have your ears to the ground and compete with yourself. We do it on a daily basis.

In our Award Collection you will find many an award but the one that take the crown is perhaps our bagging the PREMIUM SERVICE PROVIDER (PSP) Award on a regular basis.

Here are some of the criteria that determine the PSP:

A service excellence score that is greater than 92 on the ACSE Score set by Apple.

Consistent high scores on relevant assessments. Above 90 on service operations and customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction scores of higher than 90. CSAT as Apple calls it a score that assesses through the service and achievement cycle.

Apple’s Premium Service Provider Program recognizes service locations that deliver a premium service experience for customers. The program promotes Service Performance standards that delight–resulting in service experiences that are consistent with expectations that customers have regarding the Apple brand. Consistently performing at the Apple Premium Service Provider standard can be a challenging undertaking. And Conquer is proud to have brought this recognition to India for the first time in 2011 on its launch and every year ever since.


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