Vijay Eesam & Co.


Vijay Eesam & Co is one of India’s top wedding photographers and filmmakers having offices in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai & Mumbai. The team includes photographers, cinematographers and post processing team, with In-House Music Composition for Wedding Films where the approach is focussed on breaking the rules and pushing the boundaries to present proud artistic work to their clients

The Challenge

A range of challenges plagued Vijay Eesam & Co. The core areas were: 

  • High end PCs deployed to render the best output during post production but failed to the deliver desired quality
  • Budgets over-spent on Opex for maintaining the infrastructure

The Solution

Conquer provided a range of customised solutions including:

  • Recommending a migration from traditional high end desktops and PCs to Macs aimed to achieve absolute colour perfection during post production
  • Usage of Apple products also minimised the video rendering timelines significantly.
  • Suggested iMac with Da Vinci Resolve / Central Storage. 


Our range of solutions helped Vijay Eesam & Co. to trigger an exponential growth cycle with the lifetime satisfied customers panning across India. Moreover, they were able to spread wings with 50+ in-house post production teams. Overall, with a change in the IT infrastructure, the performance and productivity of the workforce increased dramatically resulting in employees who were performance oriented and happy to deliver results. 

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